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The Alphabet Books: ABC MARC RICHARD

An alphabet book for grownups? Why not? But be warned: these are not the tales your grandmother taught you… A is for Adam- God and the devil. Adam and Eve. A terrible Forbidden Fruit addiction. A talking goat who mostly speaks in Phil Collins lyrics. A complete misunderstanding of the Book of Genesis. B is for Bear- Not the Goldilocks you heard about. Blondie is a spoiled little brat who breaks into the house of a mob boss. He’s hiding a secret that could ruin his life, but maybe she has secrets of her own. C is for Cookie- Hansel and Gretel are long-haul truckers, delivering a load of cookies cross country to an old witch. But these cookies bite back. What’s the secret ingredient? Will they make it back alive?


DAVE! (A Novel from the Future) Part I: The Invaders MARC RICHARD

DAVE! is a science fiction comedy that features fast-paced action, pie-throwing clowns, nudists, and lots and lots of aliens. Equal parts Hitchhiker’s Guide and Coen Brothers, this series will have you laughing your way through the apocalypse!