Isabel Micheals

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Taylor and Sam's plans were simple: graduate from college, find good paying jobs, and eventually get married and start a family. But when Fate intervenes, things in Mustang Valley get a lot more interesting.

Not only does Taylor have to tell Sam that she's pregnant, she also has to break the news to her parents. The same conservative parents who live in a small town and are about as Southern Baptist as they come. To say the train has derailed from the tracks would be an understatement.

Sam has wanted a family of his own for as long as he could remember. He knew in grade school that Taylor was his soul mate and would be the one he'd marry. Now, he just needs to convince her that this had always been their destiny.

Fortunately, things aren't always what they seem. Secrets come to light an



Laura and Mike want a simple, yet elegant outdoor wedding that expresses their love for one another. Six months in and they're over budget with an out of control wedding planner who's looking to make a name for herself among the social elite in Austin.

Groom Mike Landry has had enough and intends to put the overbearing woman in her place. But when things go awry and they're unable to find common ground, he finds himself without a wedding planner.

Desperate for a solution and at the suggestion of a friend, he hires the services of Shoe String Weddings, Inc. Problem solved. Or so he thinks. When once again their wedding plans implode, it'll take everything Jacqueline Whitmore and her merry band of misfits have up their sleeves to help Laura and Mike make it down the aisle.