J.L. Ryan


J.L. Ryan is a bestselling romance author who loves writing billionaire romance, bad boy romance, BBW romance, slow burn romance, angsty romance, and second chance romance books. She's been an author for the past 20 years, and has conducted literary workshops to help aspiring authors improve their writing skills.<br /> <br /> She likes to attend author and publishing conventions, workshops, and seminars, where many of her books are featured. Here are some of the many genres, categories, and characters she enjoys writing about:<br /> <br /> Billionaire Romance<br /> Bad Boy Romance <br /> Plus Size Romance <br /> A Good Billionaire Love Story Or Series <br /> Playboy Romance <br /> Wealthy Romance <br /> Hot Romance Novels <br /> Steamy Romance Novels <br /> Second Chance Romance<br /> Alpha Male Romance <br /> Older Man Younger Woman Romance <br /> Billionaire Obsession <br /> Billionaire Bachelors <br /> Rich Romance <br /> Rich Man Poor Woman <br /> HEA<br /> HEA Romance<br /> Small Town Romance <br /> Return To Hometown Romance <br /> Slow Burn Romance <br /> Angsty Romance <br /> Boss Romance <br /> Office Romance <br /> Lawyer Romance <br /> Medical Romance <br /> Bad Boy Alphas <br /> Billionaire Bad Boy Romance <br /> Bad Boy Rebels<br /> Sweet Romance <br /> Inspirational Romance <br /> Clean And Wholesome Romance<br /> Contemporary Romance <br /> Contemporary Women's Fiction<br /> And More...

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