J. B. Cantwell


J. B. Cantwell calls the San Francisco Bay Area home. In her writing she explores coming of age in an imperfect world, the effects of greed and violence on all, and the miraculous power that hope can have over the human spirit.

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Sixth Grade Supernatural: Abigail's Curse

Zander Casey is not afraid of ghosts. When you're a parallel, and your whole world is full of the undead, it takes a lot to send shivers down your spine. But when Abigail Stone arrives at Plainsbury Middle School, she brings with her an entire army of nasties, the type of ghost to send even the most experienced parallel running for the hills. Now, Zander must convince her to partner with him and his mad-scientist father to close the gateway to the underworld she has accidentally opened. If they can't protect Plainsbury from the coming invasion of nasties, everyone in town will learn their secret, and their once-protected neighbors will become the new targets of every evil ghoul this side of the Mississippi. But getting Abigail to trust him won't be easy.