Raven Reece

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Sinners: Se7en Sins. Se7en Stories. (Sample)

Lust Two teenagers, parked up in a deserted spot, witness a man disposing of a dead body. . . Gluttony A young woman knows she has a problem with alcohol. Will it be the death of her? Greed A parolee is given a second chance in life. Can he control his thieving ways? If not, what are the consequences? Sloth A young woman decided to jump in a taxi rather than walk. It’s a decision she will regret. Wrath A man discovers an affair between his wife and best friend. Can he control his rage? Envy A young woman envies her sister. She will learn that all is not as it seems. Pride A young woman’s pride in her appearance attracts the attention of a disturbed individual with deadly intentions.


Dead by Dawn: A Short Story of Terror and Bloodshed.

A madman with a gun. A helpless witness. A town under siege.