Lily Amis


Nominated children and YA author, blogger, illustrator, publisher, and columnist, Lily Amis, is the author of “Destination Freedom” and fifteen more books to this date. Her books and audiobooks are educational and timeless for the young and young at heart. Books and ebooks are available in English, German and Italian.

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Leo & Mousi, Refugees Unwanted!

Leo & Mousi, Refugees Unwanted is an educational, eye-opening, timeless story that connects with people of all ages. Inspired by the refugee crises in Europe that was created by greed for power by so-called modern western countries and has destroyed millions of innocent’s life’s and countries. Too many people lost everything they had and loved to become war refugees! A painful journey that leads to a future in misery and uncertainty. The story of the little refugee mouse, Tobi, tells us that we should never judge anyone by their size, race, and looks! Because there is a little mouse in every mighty Leo and a mighty Leo in every little mouse. Never underestimate anyone! Benefit from my 20% special discount code: TN32L and read the full story!


Americas Royal Family

America’s Royal Family is a humorous adventure parody. Lisy is a lonely girl and all she wants is a family who will love her and make her feel as though she belongs. She suddenly is fed up with feeling this way and flies from Switzerland to the United States. As Lisy travels from New York to Washington and then to Los Angeles, she has some of the biggest celebrities such as Prince Harry of Wales and historical figures such as President Abraham Lincoln completely stumped as she searches for America’s Royal Family. This is an enjoyable, engaging and entertaining story that will keep you guessing… ‘Who is America’s Royal family?’ and ‘do they really exist?’ This illustrated satire book brings to life some current issues faced by social media and today’s materialism and superficiality.


Peanut & Lily, A Beautiful Story About A Lifelong Friendship

PEANUT & LILY is a short and sweet story about a little cat named Peanut. It is a reminder for kids and adults to take more care of innocent pets, who need our love and support. Peanut is a tiny little cat who has lost her whole family. She’s all by herself in a big city. Peanut is afraid of everything and forlorn about her future - until she’s saved by the hands of an angel. Lily, her savior, finds her on the street and gives her love, hope, comfort and a new home and the two become friends for life.


America’s Royal Family

This is an enjoyable, engaging and entertaining story that will keep you guessing… ‘Who is America’s Royal family?’ and ‘do they really exist?’ America’s Royal Family is a reflection of the stupidity of our social media and botty-obsessed society. Despite of the global-connection on social media to strangers more people feel lonelier, isolated, unloved and unappreciated than ever. This satire story brings to life some current issues faced by social media and today’s materialism and superficiality. The illustrated book with colourful illustrations by author Lily Amis herself make this read a fun getaway from your daily life.


Bon Voyage, Monsieur Jac & Lily travel to Europe

Monsieur Jac Couture and little Lily have only seen the dark side of Europe. But on Lily’s Birthday the two decide to take up a journey and discover the beauty and brightness of the European cities. They travel to exciting countries and take selfies with personalities such as the Pope in Vatican City, the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, and the famous cook, Jamie Oliver. They also have an afternoon Tea with her majesty, Queen Elizabeth in Buckingham Palace on her ninetieth birthday and do a sightseeing tour throughout all of London with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Bon Voyage is a colorful illustrated print book. It is also available as audio book.


Teddy & Lily - True Friendship is Unconditional Loyalty

Do you remember the first Teddy you ever got? Do you remember the person who gave it to you? Teddies symbolize love and friendship, in many cultures. Everybody loves Teddies, because they’re just so cute and cuddly. As we get older, life changes. Relationships end and family and friends go their separate ways. All we are left with are the lovely memories we cherish in our heart. But the love for our favourite Teddy never changes. Teddies don’t leave us, like people do. They are loyal friends for life. This sweet story, about the power of love and the values of friendship, told by Teddy himself, is an educational book for both young and adult readers. It is also available in print and as audiobook. Benefit from my 20% special discount code: SU66V and read the full story!


Birdy & Fishy, Destination: Freedom

Birdy is an English Lord and the loyal and supportive friend that we all wish to meet in our life. Fishy is a lonely and sad Fish trapped in her misery. "Birdy & Fishy, Destination Freedom" is a lovely, funny but also deep story, about the great power of hope. It is about, believing in miracles and the strength of friendship and loyalty. Despite different lifestyles, it is the desire for freedom that unites us all. We should never give up on our dreams and desires and always trust in destiny because the higher power of the Universe will make the impossible, possible! Benefit from my 20% special discount code: VE63T and read the full story!


Definition of Freedom

"The best way to understand the suffering of others is to hear their stories of courage and struggle. Being unemployed, feeling useless, unwanted and powerless is hard to imagine if you've never suffered it. I have, so I speak out." Lily Amis It takes a while to realize and to accept that we’re only the actors. The director and script writer are the others. You don’t make your decisions. The others do it for you. Your life is been orchestrated by a higher power. Definition of Freedom is a memoir and the following story to Destination: Freedom again based on true events. This time the Author Lily Amis deals primary with the difficulties and experiences regarding unemployment and psychological harassment at work.


Destination Freedom, The Uncensored Version

We lost everything we had and knew: our home, our existence, our family, mentality, identity, culture and language. We came to a different country and faced an uncertain future. We believed and hoped to find a new home including freedom, justice, acceptance, tolerance, security, independence, happiness and a bright future.But did we really get a fair chance to become part of our new country? Did we really get a chance to live a proper life and experience a hopeful future? Destination Freedom is an honest memoir and based on true events which happened between 1976 and 2002. The story is told by the Author in the present tense. On the flight back to her country Lily looks back on her life and remembers how her painful journey began. Benefit from 20% discount LX68Y & read the full story.