Sadie Conall

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When the Wolf Bites

Separated by the hatred of the Benedict family, Madeleine seeks revenge, vowing to destroy those responsible and in her desperate quest to find Ryder, she uncovers more than thirty years of treachery and deception, which not only changes her life forever, but those closest to Ryder.


When the Wolf Hunts

They fell in love while living with the Bannock people in the vast wilderness of the Pacific Northwest territory of the New World in the winter of 1799 and after a year of hard travelling, Madeleiné and Ryder Benedict finally arrive in England. But England is on the brink of war with France. And Madeleiné and Ryder soon realize they face a war of their own as they endure the hatred and bitterness of the Benedict family.


When the Wolf Breathes

It’s now the spring of 1805 but before they head west to the Snake River Plain, Madeleine, Ryder and Te’tukhe must ride north to the Mandan, an enemy of the Bannock, to trade for a girl Madeleine knew as a child who was taken slave some five years earlier. But first they must part from their son, who they hope to meet at the Lakota within the month, unaware a ruthless killer is tracking them.


When the Wolf Dreams

Madeleiné has reached St Louis but has lingered there for four months waiting on news from London, desperately wanting to hear that Ryder has been found alive. But when she receives a letter shattering all her hopes, she makes the decision to leave St Louis and head into the wild, in the hope of reaching the Bannock before the winter of 1805, more than a year away.


When the Wolf Loves

After his father’s death in London in 1796, Ryder Benedict travels to the New World to find answers to his past. He planned to be gone no longer than a year but two years later, in the company of six men from three different tribes who have all come together to help him, he finds himself in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, far beyond the borders of the American, French and Spanish settlements. When he is attacked and injured by a wolf, a young girl with extraordinary instincts saves his life. Named Esa-mogo'ne’ by the local Bannock, she takes Ryder to their village to heal and over a bitter winter Ryder learns of her tragic past and discovers a love that will endure his whole life.