Robert McDermott


Robert is a writer from Ireland, he grew up in Bangor Northern Ireland and uses many of his experiences to relate to his books. Full time as a Transport manager in a construction firm his real passion is writing. Never having the confidence to write competently in his twenties his wife and child now encourage him. His family gives him hope and his God give him faith and guidance.

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Bullied : A short story

When Adrian's father gets a promotion it means moving to a new city and new school, fitting in isn't as simple as he thought.


The Way's of Mathias

Young Mathias has found little excitement in life. He runs his father farm and enjoys his work. Life is simple, things change however when a ranger called Alexander is waiting at his house one day. Mathias's journey rips his world to shreds, rebuilds it and changes young Mathias in a way that could shake an Empire.