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Leo Tops Aries

Why did Theo ever bet that a Leo could outwait an Aries? Blue balls have never been so blue. ~* * * ~ Leo Tops Aries is a short, erotic follow up to Leo Loves Aries (Signs of Love, #1). Can be read as a standalone.


Gemini Rules Capricorn

Rules. Lloyd loves to make them. Wesley loves to break them. What happens when their roles are reversed? Find out in this rule-bending romp! * ~ * ~ * Gemini Rules Capricorn is a 4000 word sexy short story.


Liam Davis & The Raven

Liam Davis is a serious journalist, and he’s good at it. Or at least, he was. Until the chief of Scribe, the campus magazine, makes him give up his politics column to write for the party page—but he has no idea what it means to party, let alone how to capture this new audience’s attention! But Liam Davis is no quitter. He’s determined to prove to his father, the chief, and above all himself that he can do it—and do it well. Life doesn’t make it easy. Not when Freddy Krueger comes stalking out of the shadows to attack him. Luckily the Raven, the campus vigilante, comes to his rescue. Between finding the perfect angle for his party page columns and making friends (and something more?), Liam needs to find this mysterious Raven—to thank him, and to warn him to watch his back.