Dani Antoinette

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Wild Talk

Madeline: Graduating from college and moving to Chicago was part of the plan.
Becoming an adult phone operator was not.
But you know what? I love every minute of it.
Until I meet Mason King.

With the snap of his fingers, he turns my world upside down.

I should have never said yes to him...but sometimes fate pulls you in multiple directions...like in the front seat of his car, the elevator, and against the window in his penthouse.
Mason: Every coin has two sides. Right and wrong, truth and lies. It's my job to figure out which side Madeline St. Clair is on. She's sweet yet sassy. Angelic yet a liar. Is she as innocent as she makes herself out to be? Or a clever thief?

I'm about to find out every dirty little secret she has.
And we're both going to enjoy every second of it.