Miranda Ellis

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London-based artist Kate Hathaway used to be addicted to sex with French property developer Luc Anton, until a bitter secret forced her to get rid of him and detox herself from his electric sex appeal. Running short of cash, Kate takes up a job as an art teacher at the Chateau Yves artist retreat in Normandy, France home to Luc's parents, relaxed in the knowledge that Luc's life is elsewhere. Luc has got his plate full with projects and women and old flame Kate is the furthest from his mind, until a dash to the Chateau Yves to attend to tragic family business sets him on a collision course with Kate. Luc's never going to admit that Kate is not the only one who was once addicted to sex. Does he still have what it takes to make her shiver?



The Ripley Affair

Sexy Retro Romance set in 1990s Melbourne, Australia Emmeline Ripley runs Melbourne's top jazz nightclub, Ripley's for her father, the veteran jazz trumpeter, Bill Ripley. Bill's off on a world tour and he's decided to bring over Zac Johnson from New York to run the club while he's away, fearing it will be too much for his daughter solo. Emmy and Zac have a long history and it's not a good one. Emmy wants her Melbourne life to remain intact and the presence of Zac is going to ruin everything. Zac's got just one thing on his mind on his flight from New York to Melbourne; seduce Emmeline Ripley and claim the Ripley fortune.