L. Loryn

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Breaking Free

Beck grew up knowing he’d be arm candy. He knew he was beautiful and he spent ten years learning exactly how to please a man. He knew the art of conversation, how to laugh and smile and make a man feel special. He was ready to accept his fate until he met Tobias “Carver” Coleman. Tobias “Carver” Coleman found himself at an exclusive underground event alongside his billionaire best friend. He’d been single for years, but Beck’s brilliant green eyes warmed him from the inside out, but Beck has a secret worth over a million dollars. Beck wants his freedom and Tobias wants Beck. Can they both get what they want?


A Broken Billionaire

Leo’s a guy who can get anything he wants. Private limousines, private jets, any girl he wants. He’s got an inheritance with more zeros than one can count and gives back to the community with a nonprofit organization he co-owns with his partner Tony. When Tony dies in a fatal accident, Leo’s long time business partner is replaced by a young server who didn’t know his father was rich. Coby doesn’t know much about business or about being rich, but he knows he likes men. And he knows he’s not interested in playing games. Leo knows that talking to Coby gives him butterflies in his stomach. And he doesn’t get butterflies for just anyone. Can Leo navigate his new desires for a same-sex relationship while catching Coby up to speed on how to run a business?