Simon Haynes


Simon Haynes is the author of the Hal Spacejock series (for teens/adults), which consists of eight novels and two short stories. He also writes the Hal Junior series for ages 8-12, and the first book in the new Harriet Walsh series for teens and adults is out soon.


Sherry D. Ramsey
I'm reading this now and really enjoying it! Harriet is great fun! :)

Sam Sea
Another great novel for those of us who enjoy seeing a strong female lead character set in a scifi mystery setting.

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Hal Spacejock 8: Double Trouble (Sample)

This sampler contains the first five chapters. Hal Spacejock dons a flash suit, hypershades and a curly earpiece for a stint as a secret agent, while Clunk is invited to a ‘unique business opportunity’ by a pair of rusted friends. Inevitably, things turn sour, and it’s all hands to the pumps as the good ship Spacejock springs leaks from stem to stern.


The Desolator

A barbarian, a halfling and a cleric walk into a bar ... join Hurm, Runt and Father Mephistophiles as they struggle to save the hamlet of Yendour from a marauding dragon. A high fantasy parody from the author of the Hal Spacejock series. A 5000 word short story originally published in Andromeda Spaceways #6


Harriet Walsh: Peace Force (Sample)

Harriet’s boss is a huge robot with worn out batteries, the patrol car keeps asking her out and their first case will likely kill her. Welcome to the PEACE FORCE! Harriet Walsh is desperate for work, but when an intergalactic crime-fighting organisation offers her a job she's convinced it's a mistake. She dislikes puzzles, has never read a detective mystery, and hates wearing uniforms. So why did the Peace Force pick her? Who cares? Harriet needs the money, and she's happy to go along with the training for as long as they keep paying her. She'd better dig out some of those detective mysteries though, because she's about to embark on her first real mission ...


Hal Spacejock 1: A robot named Clunk

A Robot Named Clunk is one part buddy movie, two parts laughter and three parts madcap adventure. Clunk's grateful when his boss sends him off for a refit, because old robots are usually junked. So what's the catch? Well, before the refit he must help a freelancer pick up some cargo. Landing in a deserted field under cover of darkness, avoiding customs ships, orbital lasers and trigger-happy warships along the way, is not a problem for Clunk. The freelance pilot is a much bigger challenge, because Hal Spacejock is obstinate, over-confident, and woefully under-skilled, and yet he refuses to cede control of his ship to a mere robot. Can the two of them sort out their differences and deliver the cargo, or will they still be wrestling over the controls when the deadline expires?