Chloe Maddox

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Break me, Daddy

<b>He’s much older than I am. He’s wealthy as hell and just as gorgeous. He wants me bad. Almost as much as I want him. He wants to teach me. Possess me. But first he says he needs to break me.</b> He’ll come for me. I don’t know when. I don’t know where. In the middle of the night he’ll kidnap me. Gag me. Take control of me. And when he does it’ll be terrifying and hot as hell. My p***y is throbbing with anticipation. Especially because I’ve never been with a man before. Only once I truly surrender will he let me be his. His little baby. And he’ll be mine. My Daddy. And I’ll let him do it all to me. <b>Then I’ll belong to him. He’ll own me. And if I step out of line… I will be punished.</b>