Jessica Halsey


Jessica Halsey was born in Arkansas and has lived most of her life in Panamá and the United States. She earned a BA in Sociology from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College and an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. She has self-published two poetry collections, The Echo of Something Hitting (2018) and Lupercalia (2018).

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Namaste Apocalypse

Jane loves yoga. She loves it so much she risks life and limb dodging ravenous zombies and expending valuable resources like food and energy just to get to her weekly class. It helps her cope with the daily grind of post-apocalyptic Rural America and help her through the grieving process at the recent loss of her mother. Jane loves yoga so much that when an unexpected zombie finally catches her off guard, it helps her cope with life as a cog in the legion of the undead. Follow along with Jane as she transitions from yoga loving human to yoga loving brain muncher!