Kayley Cole

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Twisted Hope - PREVIEW

Jake ~

They’ve respected me in Hollywood and LA for years as one of the premier movie and music video directors… until that young model just OD’d at one of my house parties. Now my bad reputation and all the rumors may just end my career.

Maybe that letter I just found can help me. The one from my old best friend, Andrew.

His sister, Ellie, betrayed me there years ago, but my old hometown still needs my help after the tornado hit.

Ellie ~

Waitressing in this small town isn’t helping my music career. A gig here and there is all I can get, and now my old boyfriend Jake is back to “help out” the locals… just who this town doesn’t need right now.

I’ve been keeping his secret for years, and he doesn’t even know it. I would have done anything for him…



Adam runs a video chat service that allows wealthy men to talk to beautiful women, with various levels of "chatting" allowed.

When his best friend's little sister, Sage, blackmails him into letting her be a contractor in his business in order to help fund her college education, he's annoyed about his hand being forced. But he's also very tempted by Sage's beauty and persistence.

As Sage continues to lean on Adam, will she be able to overcome her sexual naivety and let Adam show her that he can be trusted?

Or will Adam and his bad boy reputation ruin everything after all?