Piper Lennox

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It's Complicated: A Novella

Three frat boys. Three campus beauties. Three clueless parents. One hell of a tangled web. * Dylan wanted Penelope to move on - but he didn't expect her to do it with his best friend. Two can play at that game. Jenna is Penelope's best friend, and the easiest lay on campus - so Dylan knows he can get her between the sheets. It’s getting her out of his head that proves impossible. Frat brother Nico has his sights set on Nadine, whose father prowls bars for girls half his age - one of whom is known around campus for being very easy.... And then there's Roan, whose old flame won't leave her be...and has no idea he's the real father of her college-aged daughter. Nobody said love (or sex) was simple. This multi-POV novella from Piper Lennox is full of twists, turns, and steam.