Hillary Avis


Hillary Avis writes cozy mysteries about smart women who persist until they uncover the truth—about themselves, about their communities, and of course about any unsolved murders they encounter. She grew up in a small town on the west coast of the United States and went to college in a small town on the east coast, so she knows the best and worst of small-town living.. She has two charming children, two naughty dogs, and two practically perfect felines named Mystery and Intrigue. She also has one very patient husband. Hillary is the author of the Neela Durante Mysteries and the upcoming Death du Jour series that features an aspiring chef who cooks up great soups—along with solutions to puzzling crimes in her small historic town. When she’s not reading and writing mysteries, Hillary bakes bread, makes pottery, drinks coffee, and streams British TV shows.

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Risky Bisqueness

When the public library computers are stolen in a late-night burglary, Bethany Bradstreet misses out on a catering job that would have paid this month’s rent. To add sizzle to the pie, the bakery where she works has to shut down because of mice—the little thieves. With no money and no job prospects, Bethany only has her suspicious nature to fall back on as she hunts down Newbridge’s most notorious sticky fingers (and paws).

Risky Bisqueness is a clean cozy mystery with no cliffhangers or explicit content. The novelette is a complete short read that takes place between Book 1 and Book 2 of the Death Du Jour series (releasing Summer 2018).