Shawn Jolley

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A Dragon, Some Whiskey, and People

Where Will Each Short Story Take You? From supernatural haunted houses to spaghetti western shootouts, this short story collection has new surprises on every page. Designed to be a motley crew of contemporary short stories in modern America, this collection explores genre fiction as a whole. For All Short Story Fans A collection of short stories can affect you in ways that novels can't because of the format's focus on brevity and pace. In other words, a reader can quickly explore a topic through the author's voice before moving on to the next fictional piece. That's what this collection does best. Discover 16 New Short Stories Today Prepare to dive headfirst into the world of Whatever: A Collection of Short Stories. You won't believe how much of a page-turner it really is.


Missing: The Morris Mysteries #1

Metal crumples and sparks fly when a train collides with a car, killing the driver and passenger instantly. Their teenage son's life is shattered and he is sent across the country to live with his uncle. What he finds--and doesn't find--waiting for him in the small western town surprises him. Will he be able to help his uncle solve the local kidnapping case?


Fracture After Dark

When night falls, nobody's safe. Have you visited Fracture? It's an odd town in the middle of nowhere. Oh, and there may or may not be a killer on the loose. A mother and son move to an old house miles and miles away from civilization. Their neighbors act peculiar, and when the kidnappings start to happen, nobody seems to care. The death of an unknown woman is only the beginning. Someone is watching from the trees, patiently waiting for the right moment to strike.