Egan Patricia

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Under the Willow

The one person Jessie told all her secrets to, was the one person that she couldn’t tell this secret to...her best friend Mikey Jay, the boy next door... Mikey Jay tried to escape his grief, while at the Willow tree that he and Jessie shared. Mikey Jay finds himself lost and unable to wake, trapped within his own dream. Mikey Jay tries to reach out to Jessie in her dreams, so she can rescue him. But, Jessie is struggling with herself to figure out who she is, what she is meant to do with her life. Struggling to keep himself from sinking deeper into his dream, Mikey Jay reaches out to a boy named Otis and leads him to Jessie to help her find her way before it's too late. Jessie falls asleep that night but her dreams are overrun, and she finds herself trapped within the In-Between.