Dean Crawford

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A civilization destroyed. A species doomed to wander the cosmos. A lone survivor feared by all, her voice silenced and her face veiled behind a metal mask. The Atlantia is all that remains of humanity: a former military fleet frigate turned prison-ship now hunted by a terrifying force and haunted by escaped convicts threatening the survival of her beleaguered crew and civilians. Trapped in orbit around a foreign world, damaged and low on supplies, the crew of the Atlantia are forced to make a deal with the devil to forge an alliance of murderous convicts, exhausted soldiers and terrified civilians in a last-ditch attempt to confront the technological horror that has consumed mankind. Humanity’s last stand begins here, and only one woman stands between annihilation and our future…


The Nemesis Origin

Ancient cultures on continents separated by thousands of miles simultaneously developed identical technologies despite never having encountered each other. Their legends contain identical descriptions of fiery objects that arrived from the sky, of wise beings that brought them knowledge, and of a great flood that destroyed their cities long ago. Modern archaeology dismisses these legends as myths. Ethan Warner knows better. Hurled into a conspiracy that will take him from the deep waters of the East China Sea to the sweltering jungles of Cambodia, from the deserts of Egypt to the soaring heights of the Andes mountains, Ethan must locate the remains of an ancient people whose DNA contains evidence of ancient alien benefactors, and find a cure to a disease that is not of this earth...