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“Sia has the right idea. It's about the creation not the creator.”--------------------------------------------I am here to share a story (or two) with you, if you're willing; however, fair warning: if you are fond of longwinded detailed descriptions or you aren't into first person POV then my books probably won't be amongst your favorites.----------------------------------------------I have two running series, the [SEC] and the [MCC] (though there are a few unserialized books also published, the one called Not Alone is currently available here on InstaFreebie).---------------------------------------If you'd like to read a book that's just meant to be entertaining you may have a taste for one in The Simply Entertainment Collection. These books are published under the genre of Young Adult for their use of PG language and themes; they are books that are solely meant to be a diverting read for younger audiences but they can be enjoyed by readers of any age.---------------------------------------A new book that is part of the [SEC] comes out every three months. Release dates are in March, June, September and December.---------------------------------------If you'd like to read a book that explores more profound themes such as war, gender and dependent relationships then you may want one in The Mature Collection. “Mature” which is not to be confused with the euphemism often used for erotica, it means mature as opposed to childish. These books are intended for audiences who can handle explicit language and situations. Many themes are morally questionable. These books are meant to evoke a deeper reflection from the audience.---------------------------------------A new book that is part of the [MCC] comes out every six months. Release dates are in June and December.---------------------------------------All books are pure fiction, but many have parallels to the world we live in, often with what are meant as humorous twists.---------------------------------------Thank you for expressing an interest in learning more about my books, hopefully you will find one that is to your liking. ---------------------------------------Whichever you choose, may you have a worthwhile journey.<br /> <br /> -E Darkwood

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Not Alone

When the world is a dull shade. When your truest companion is your own shadow. When the only one around is the person in the mirror; someone you don't know. What does it mean, to be alone?