S. H. Marpel


S. H. Marple inherited her mystery-writing chops from an English ancestor. While American born and raised, her schooling at remote boarding schools did little to dampen her own curiosity. A strong science and math background sharpened her skills at problem solving. And the remoteness of her upbringing lead to writing. A new author, she is sharpening her skills with short stories while preparing for longer novels in the future.

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Ghost Hunters Part One

It started with a dream. In it, John Earl Stark solved the problem of a ghost he met. Or did he? It was a dream, after all. The next day he meets two women who visit his cabin, arriving out of the blue, literally. (Well, one arrived with pitched black darkness which filled his cabin and made her cough.) These two have an offer for Stark. All he really wanted was to enjoy the small cabin and solitude so he could write his detective stories. These ladies had another offer - to help them solve the reasons ghosts don't move on. Plenty of new inspiration for stories, decent pay, won't interrupt his writing schedule. Of course, he could die doing it...