R. L. Saunders


R. L. Saunders has been writing satire and parodies for years, and has several books to his credit. Self-publishing has made this all possible. Recently, he's been branching into original fiction short stories. Expect more from him in the near future.

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Rise & Fall of President Frump: Three Political Satires

Only a Frump could be elected in this modern age. Because no one trusted a man to get anything right anymore. The first female president fit the model, and this reporter was putting the pieces together on how she got elected. She simply put a new approach to classic poltical ploys. The right gal at the rigth time. All wasn't smooth sailing though... With Bonus Short Stories: The Integrity Implosions - A simple electronic circuit was developed that would detect anyone lying or skirting the truth by giving them the runs. And then it's circuit was released to the Internet and soon was mass produced to put into gag gifts. Of course, when these found their way to Congress... The Chardonnay Conspiracy - Mrs. C_ was effectively limited to walking her woods and drinking Chardonnay while...