J. R. Kruze


J. R. Kruze has been writing for a few years now, but recently decided to get his work published. Winner of two NaNoWriMo challenges, he is publishing these through Midwest Journal Press. Expect many short stories in his near future as he improves his craft.

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Death by Advertising

Her closest friends didn't know she was dead. Until they saw the full page ad in the paper advertising her funeral. They mystery was in how she died. No corpse, just an urn filled with ashes that was distributed over the harbor without any witnesses. Shown by a slick video played at her funeral. No motive. Just a disappearance. The coroner's report from an upstate, rural county stated natural causes. For a young 20-something advertising executive. But there were no details left unaccounted for. Funeral arrangements paid for inadvance. Even the police chief said it was a closed case. That didn't stop Detective Johnson from being curious... With Bonus Stories: A Goddess Visits, Long Overdue Santa.