C. C. Brower


A new Midwestern writer, C. C. Brower has just recently started publishing her fiction genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, and some Contemporary. A prolific author, her preferences are short stories as a way of exploring the inspirations her muses bring.

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When the Cities Died, I Danced

A couple of days after the cities died, I was there. Dancing. Whether it was appropriate or not, there was no one around to care. I had things to celebrate and this was my way. Because I and my family were still alive. And perhaps it was a wake for those who weren't. It wasn't a sad occasion, but joyous. ...That was my reason for dancing. I was thankful. Grateful. To be alive. To have my family. To be able to enjoy this earth. Bonus Stories Included: When Vacation Plans Revise, The Caretaker, Return to Earth