Scott Hughey

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Zombies and Zinfandels: An Apocalyptic Comedy (The First Chapter)

Meet the most unlikely person to survive a zombie apocalypse. David Hall is a 30-year-old, divorced, self-proclaimed wine connoisseur. He has no business venturing into a world of flesh-hungry monsters. But when a phone call from his diabetic sister gets disconnected, he knows he's the only one who can provide her the care she needs. Seeking help from his gun-toting, survivalist brother-in-law, and his ex-wife, David must make a dangerous journey across the city of Asheville. But the real danger isn't the zombies he'll have to face, or the threat of certain death; it's what kind of man he'll become if he survives the trip. This Zombie Apocalypse Comedy is Douglas Adams meets Max Brooks. Download a sample now to sink your teeth into this hilarious adventure.


All Hail Ted

The power of a God. But The mind of a nerd. Nobody was more surprised when Ted’s religion turned out to be true, and he came back to life as the God of his own new universe. Ted could do anything his imagination could come up with. Too bad he didn’t have one. That’s probably why a woman claiming to be the Goddess from another universe showed up to help him out. Ted wasn’t good with women in his last life. The power of a God hasn’t changed that. Once a nerd, always a nerd. Only now, his mistakes have eternal consequences.