Rachel Donnelly

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Conquer My Heart- Extended Preview

If a golden Viking invaded your castle, would you run or would you fight? Lady Briana is forced to surrender her home, but she will never surrender herself. Nun by day—outlaw by night, she watches over her people and awaits her father’s return. But she is playing a dangerous game. The Golden Knight is a formidable opponent. Before long, she is defrocked and her loyalties are compromised by the desire she cannot disguise. Lyulf now possesses the land he has fought so long and hard for, and he will do anything to keep it. But, it is difficult to win the hearts of the people with a band of outlaws wreaking havoc and his mind tortured by blasphemous thoughts for a nun. By capturing Briana and making her his slave, he hopes to show his strength. Instead, she shows him what true loyalty