Oliver Franks


Oliver Franks is an independent author from Brighton, England. With a life-long passion for reading, particularly science fiction, he writes a unique brand of dark sci-fi, magic realism and fantastical tales filled with action, amazing situations and larger-than-life characters. His mission is to enthrall readers with unforgettable speculative adventure stories.


Ethan Freckleton
Complete filth. I loved it.

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The Unbelievable Death of Joseph Goldberg

A unique collection of death, voodoo-magic and strange things. Joseph Goldberg is the wrinkled old man you see wrapped up in a fraying scarf and dusty trilby hat, hobbling along the seafront promenade in the dead of winter. He’s grizzled, cynical, bitter, and swears like a trooper. In his defence, he didn’t lead the life he wanted, and his closet is full of skeletons. But then, one cold day, something amazing happens. Something so mind blowing, Joseph hardly knows what to do with himself. Download this collection now to read ‘The Unbelievable Death of Joseph Goldberg’, plus three other dark, comic and often fantastical short stories from debut author Oliver Franks.


Man of Ruin: Episode One (Extra Special Pre-Release Edition)

A mutation? Yes. A superpower? Sort of. A pain in the neck? Hell yes! Understatement of the century. Poor Dave. Just an ordinary bloke, hanging out with friends, having a few too many drinks and BANG! he discovers that a certain bodily function has well, er… changed. Sort of a radical mutation of an internal organ really. Now he’s a mortal danger to pretty much anything that happens to stand in his way. Buildings, trees, wheelie bins - nothing and nobody is safe. At least not when a certain call of nature comes, well, calling. It’s amazing, unbelievable, a little bit gross, and for Dave quite frankly the worst thing that could possibly happen. The big question is, how will he cope? Why the hell is this happening to him? And what will the police have to say about it?