Leanne Davis

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River's End (River's End Series, #1)

Erin Poletti comes to the Rydell River Ranch to escape her past. She sees it as nothing more than a pit stop before the start of her new life, until circumstances leave her stranded and at the mercy of ranch owner, Jack Rydell. Lacking the basic skills to navigate life she is forced to seek help from Jack. But Erin has a secret. A secret that she will do anything and everything to hide, especially from him. Jack soon understands that with the arrival of Erin everything in his life, and on the ranch, has been altered and that trouble has come to the ranch, his three brothers, his two sons and most of all; to himself.


The Other Sister (Sister Series, #1)

She bleeds. She's abused. She's raped. He finds her. He rescues her. He saves her. He sets her free and right into the captivity of the very man who set her hellish journey into motion. No one knows what was done to her. No one cares. It's as if it never happened. Except... he knows. Her savior. Her soldier. Her future. And yet, he wants nothing to do with her. Soldier Will Hendricks soon realizes however, that what happened to Jessie Bains is only the start of her story. A story that involves betrayal, jealously, rape, abuse, cutting and in the end, the saving he has to do is not only for her... but himself.