Athena Braveheart


Olga GOA
Untraditional Romance among books that I read. Love the characters and the story! Keep it up, Athena!

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<b>I had a type; he wasn’t it. But a man like Rafe doesn’t stop when he finds something he wants. I’m the one he wants, and he says nothing’s ever going to change that.</b> Everything he thought he wanted changed when he saw her. Now he’s got something more precious than his money and all that it buys. Now he really has more than he ever dreamed, but living in the world of The Alabaster Club doesn’t come without a price. All that money and power brings a new world of threats to face. If only he could be sure he could protect her from having to face them too. Eventually, he’ll need to decide which reality would be harder to face; a life without the status he worked his life to achieve, or a life without the love he never dreamed existed.