Ebony Brightman


Dana Haywood
Oh my. The start of the book starts tame in comparison to building events, which is a good thing. When she realizes the truth and not sure how to deal with it makes me want to see part 2. Very well done.

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Dark Seduction: Part One

THIS IS A SHORT STORY Luciana has never liked pitch-black basements. Good thing she’s not the only one down there. Is it her husband rekindling their sex life? Or has a savage stranger set her passions aflame? Read to find out, and discover how even in the dark, desire can light the way.


Night Creatures: Book 1

This sample is the first three chapters of the Paranormal Romance, Night Creatures: Book 1. An elite Hollywood soiree. A cheating husband. A carnal encounter in the woods… It’s been a hell of a Friday for Nisa Lennox, and the weekend has only just started. By Sunday she’ll have discovered the secret world of Lycans, herself, and possibly true love.