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The Dark Professor

He was told that war would find him... Now, it has. Decades ago, Luca fled Russia and the Therian Court by order of the queen--his mother. In an attempt to save his life, not only from the price on his head delivered by the vampire queen, but also to keep his own father from destroying him, the queen has forced Luca to the other side of the world. There, the dragon guardians (called Watchers) are low, and the vampire armies are small. Now, over sixty years later, Luca has built a life for himself, but he stays private as a way to ensure he is never found. Unfortunately for him, his fate was sealed the moment he met a particular human. Now, the war has found him, and his life is not the only one he must save...



A new queen has been born, destined to move through the shadows and kill indiscriminately. Nadya will forever be known as the vampire queen. The Therian (Were-animal) court must stop this before it gets out of hand. Unfortunately, a mistake has been made, and fates have been sealed. This is the Origin story for The Therian Chronicles. The first book, The Dark Professor, went on pre-order today! So if you enjoy this story, stop by Amazon and grab yours!