Willow Harper

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Council Of Consorts (A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance)

The Nightwalkers have been forced underground by humanity's treachery. Their haven beneath the city has become infected with a fever that is wiping everyone out. The dream of a future is crumbling.
Someone must find the Drayada Stone to restore life to the dying underground community. It is a perilous journey, that will force the brave saviours to go where no Nightwalker has been in ages: Topside.

The Underground Council appoints this task to a young witch, Zora, who will be accompanied by three unlikely companions she has grown up with: an angel, a vampire, and a werewolf. Zora must look deep within herself to find the power to destroy the biggest enemy of the Nightwalkers, and in so doing, she might just destroy herself.

Will four young Nightwalkers be enough to save a dying species.