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Jason's Heat - Alpha Bad Boy Romance

What would you do after being sent to a new country to live an exciting life with your dream man, but then you find that this new life is filled with dark secrets? Annabel never dreamed she would get to marry a handsome, well off, and traveled man like Jason. Her dreams are finally about to come true now that she’s flying from Mexico to meet her soon-to-be husband. After being scouted and signed on to a mail order bride service because of her gorgeous curves, and soft features. Annabel is hopeful that this will be her escape from a life of abuse. When she gets to the states, she finds her new husband is less than thrilled to see her and he was unaware of the marriage arranged by his parents. Worst off, he has a dark past. Did she make the biggest mistake of her ?


Tyler's Heat - Alpha Bad Boy Romance

Tyler Some would say I've got a huge ego but I'd say its pretty damn well deserved... Why else would I be coined as "The King of Detroit"? ...the superstar pitcher for the Tigers... I can have any woman I want, and I usually do. Born and raised in Michigan, I was the hometown hero when on the mound. That, combined with my cocky confidence made it all but impossible for the women of the Motor City, not to mention every other city in the league, to say no. But the one woman I couldn’t have was Bryn Malone, the daughter of my agent. She says shes seen enough two timing sports players in her days to fall for a play boy bad boy like me. Well...we'll just see about that...