Dana Lyons

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Pandora's Box The Time Traveler Series

First Stop, Utopia! A seer and a time traveler are forbidden… unless they dare Destiny and throw their Fates to the winds of Time.

 They left Solara in a time portal of power generated by their lovemaking. As fugitives from the desperate desires of Brachus the Sorcerer, they seek refuge. “You are mine!” Brachus shouted. “Forever and always! Get used to it.” “That’s what you think,” Celeste declared. “I will never love you.” “Who says I want your love?” In Utopia, Celeste meets her old friend, Pandora, as she attempts to avert a disaster bringing chaos to the land of peace and harmony. What really happened with the Box? Can they prevent the release of the Ills of Humanity on mankind? And what about Hope? It’s time for the truth to come out …


Celeste and Paladin The Time Traveler Series

A seer and a time traveler are forbidden to mate … In the land of Solara, power defines each citizen. Women are seers, shape-shifters, witches and alchemists. Men hold their own as sorcerers and time travelers. As with all power, there must be rules, and on Solara the rules are not to be broken … except on the eve of Saham, the one night of the year when men and women of power are allowed to shun their restraints. Saham, an erotic celebration where Solarans don a mask and mingle as equals, producing new magic, new dynasties … new futures.