George Kayde

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Table for Two

Restauranteur, Desdemona “Des” Thompson, isn’t going to let her father’s lack of business sense and vast overspending push them into bankruptcy. The Thompson Cookhouse is Des’s future…the only future she’s focused on since her ex-boyfriend held his own secret version of The Bachelor and chose someone else over her. Now, all she cares about is saving the restaurant. Love has no place in her life—sex, however, is just sex, so when she meets Nick Martin who happens to be hotter-than-a-kitchen-grease-fire, she indulges in a one night stand—or so she thinks.


Knight in Training

What is so hard about becoming a knight? Kythe Dermont is a squire who knows he has what it takes to be knighted. He’s intelligent, skilled, and chivalrous. Slay the enemy, win the damsel’s heart. Easy. Or at least it should be. But he can’t seem to convince his tutor of that. Ever determined, Kythe accepts a quest to prove his worth. Challenged with the task of finding the spare armor of the legendary Black Knight, Kythe must return the armor in time to protect a small village from the evil band of knights seeking the magical qualities of the armor. Oh, but he has a stubborn woman in tow, and oh, there’s a dragon trying to kill them. And don’t forget the evil knights.