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Futanari Moans and the Mummy's Hand (Job)

Futanari Moans, amateur archaeologist and professional tomb raider, has unearthed her share of ancient treasures. With her only weapon the swollen, dripping appendage strapped to her thigh, Moans journeys across the Middle East, dodging traps, scarabs, and undead creatures, while battling foes from home and abroad. All in pursuit of a forbidden relic that will unlock the key to her futanari transformation, and give her the power to reclaim a future denied her by one government’s shocking betrayal. It's a frantic scramble to an explosive climax, a deliciously messy finish dictated by the magic of the Mummy’s Hand. Pulp futa adventure, complete with a taboo side of monster erotica, this introduction to the world of Futanari Moans is superbly silly, and scandalously sexy!