Jessa Wayne


After moving, working, and playing all around the USA, Jessa has finally settled down to write all about her adventures and passions. Gathering stories for decades, writing them for fun.

Escape for a while through stories that entertain... some a little naughty & some a little nice ; )

Jessa currently resides in California with her husband and pack of large puppies.

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. TRAVIS - "Nashville's Most-Eligible Bachelor" - that's what all of the magazines are saying about me. My recording studio is one of the most successful on Music Row, and my nightclub is one of this city's most popular venues. And that's exactly how I intend to keep both of them. Now my main nightclub competitor is starting to create problems for me. But I have a plan. MADDIE - Nashville has always been my dream city. Singing has always been my passion. Now I'm trying to join them in perfect harmony. I'm hoping that my new serving job at Bourbon Guitar will help me get "connected" in this town. I'm just not so sure about the extra work the bar manager is offering me. Will Travis go through with his plan to keep his nightclub on top, or will he risk his business for love?