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The Relativity Bomb by Arlene F. Marks - published

The truth can be explosive. In this eagerly awaited sequel to The Genius Asylum, long buried secrets about Humanity’s ancient past begin surfacing on Earth and then coming to Daisy Hub, carried by a mysterious one-eyed man who calls himself Max Karlov. Karlov claims to have been sent by an old friend of Station Manager Drew Townsend, but Drew is skeptical. There are things happening on the space station that need to be kept “in the family”, and too many unanswered questions about this new arrival. What is the truth about Karlov, and what is his purpose aboard the Hub? That’s what Townsend and his crew of maverick geniuses set out to discover. What they learn will shake them to their core.


The Last Iteration by Mel Arthur - published

The only way to learn about your enemy is to die with your enemy. Seven people, stolen from a Civil War, dropped into a sterile, featureless maze must learn to trust each other and fight off packs of bizarre monsters if they're going to survive. But when the labyrinth resets itself again and again, they realize someone is watching them. Someone with an agenda.


Pick Your Teeth With My Bones by Carrie Newberry - published

Kellan is a shape-shifter and a member of a secret society, the Sankhain, who protect a fountain of youth hidden in an invisible forest outside Madison, Wisconsin. When a stranger asks Kellan for her help with some documents, documents which shouldn’t exist, about the Sankhain, Kellan uses her unique sense of smell to follow the trail, which leads to the very heart of the Sankhain. What Kellan uncovers will shake her world to its core.


Shadow Life by Jason Mather - published

Shadow Life follows Hans Ricker as he sets out to find the person responsible for the multiple attempts on his and his sister’s lives. Pairing up with “Onyx,” a powerful Denver crime lord, Hans hunts down leads across the Midwest. From the overpopulated religious commune of Salt Lake to the mountains of Colorado, Hans and Onyx fight for their lives against drones and lab-grown human constructs, gradually unraveling the mystery of who wants them dead, and why…