Scarlet Wilder


Free-spirited author Scarlet Wilder was raised on songs and stories, writing her own since she learned how to put pen to paper.

Today, she lives in the heart of Sandton, although you will rarely find her there.
Whether you'd call it wanderlust, a love of travel or just regular old curiosity; she hungers to explore the world outside the four walls of her cozy mid-town loft.

She unapologetically admits that the only things she loves more than her followers and fans are coffee and chocolate.
Wherever she goes, she's in constant search of the perfectly brewed cup of Java or the sweetest melt-in-your-mouth chocolaty treat.

Her favorite themes include:
* Alpha males who know how to love their woman
* Bad boys with hearts of gold
* And, of course, strong sassy women who can stand their own.

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N. N. Light
Loved this forbidden college romance! Not only did it deal with serious issues such as date rape and the date rape drug but also what happens when your brother discovers you've been romancing his best friend. A must read!

K.D. Black
This looks like a great read. Can't wait to read it

Lainey Davis
Love this trope! Can't wait to read.

Jade Alters
Love this author.

Ashley Goss
A best friend forbidden romance that will leave you wanting to read more!

Valerie Wilde
Adding this to my summer read list!

May Johnson
Very interesting romance book.

Gina A. Jones
Sometimes, forbidden is best.

CWG Publishers
Hot and steamy with a great storyline. Looking forward to more from Scarlet!

Tara Brent
Interesting description, sounds like a nice summer read.

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He was my one and only crush.

If you saw Kyle you’d know why, but he is my brother’s best friend, and I doubt he ever saw me as anything more than the dorky kid sister.

Even though he’d long since moved away and started living the life that only a guy like Kyle can live, I still want him; him to be my first...

But here I am, in my last year at college and still keeping that secret to myself.

Bumping into him at BU was a total surprise, to say the least, and my feelings haven't changed.

Only it would be wrong in a whole bunch of new ways because he’s not just my brother’s best friend now…

He’s also my ‘Special Assignment.’