vicki lee zell

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Hellen Back/The Attic

Jennifer Luck's off to Kale University, a college for special-gifted young women, now free of her crazy-ass mother, Merilee and the attic room, which is where Jennifer has spent the first eighteen years of her life thus far. Only now, Jennifer is about to discover that monsters don't live in closets, under beds, but dwell from within, inside people, like her mother, and Dean Hammer, Head Mistress of Kale, and perhaps even some of her classmates? Follow along as Jennifer descends into a dark dwelling of hell on earth, as she and best friends, Kathy and Allison, journey through dark hall passages, down steepened stairwells, to discover something sinister is awaiting them in the darkest confines of the human mind.


Mother (the Hut in the Woods)

Carly Ruth Laden married the man of every woman's dream; handsome as hell, dark and mysterious, only, there's one problem. Dorian Shiffer has a secret. A foreboding secret that hurls the Laden Family into a chaos of hell on earth, and when Carly suddenly vanishes, and Dorian is found murdered, questions arise as to the mysterious truck parked alongside Thurston Road, the truck, Carly, herself, telephoned the town sheriff about. The town of Burl is in an uproar over the events leading to the disaster following the Laden's, and interested parties want the answers to the questions no one is asking. Where is Carly? Did Decker Laden murder Dorian Shiffer? And what evil resides in them woods along Laden Lane?