Rowan Waters

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A BIRTHDAY GIRL. A BRUTAL FATHER. WHO WILL BREAK FIRST? UNBREAKABLE In this prequel novella, Samantha Brooks suffers through one of the events that shape her character. On the night before her seventeenth birthday, she is crushed to learn her mother has gone to stay with friends for a few days. Despite a brutal father laying the blame for her errant mother at her feet, Sam is determined to keep her life simple and not let her demons haunt her day.



ONE PRICELESS FOSSIL. TWO SAVAGE MURDERS. CAN SAMANTHA UNRAVEL THE RUTHLESS PLOT BEFORE THE KILLER STRIKES CLOSER TO HOME? PITILESS Samantha Brooks and the team are caught up in a new hair-raising murderous tale of deception and greed. When Sam stumbles across two bodies in a house owned by a world renowned paleontologist, she finds herself unexpectedly swept into a psychological game with a depraved killer. Among the items stolen from the ransacked home is an incredibly rare fossil. The rareness of the fossil convinces Sam it was the killer’s intended target and is the key to solving the murders. While wrestling with her own personal demons, Sam slowly exposes the truth behind the treachery and betrayal, leading to a shocking conclusion to her investigation.



A WOMAN UNDER PROTECTION DIES A MONSTROUS DEATH. WILL SAMANTHA BROOKS PIECE TOGETHER THE TRUTH BEFORE ANOTHER BRUTAL MURDER IS COMMITTED? VILENESS Through a clandestine network, Samantha Brooks helps victims of abuse vanish without a trace. Settling into the quiet Wisconsin town of Clanwallace, she sets up a new chapter of the network. Everything is on track as she begins to expand the network and identify victims of abuse. When two of her rescues are found brutally murdered, she is drawn into the center of the investigation. Armed with just a few clues, she relentlessly digs for the truth only to be entangled in the web of secrets shrouding the network. Secrets that are darker and more sinister than anything she could’ve imagined. Can Sam stop the violent killer from striking again?