Dharmendra Rajmangal


Dharmendra Rajmangal is a Hindi writer, was born (28 june 1993) in Hathras District Uttar Pradesh. He is first writer of his village Panchayat, history of 100 Years. 'Mangal Bazaar' is his first published Novel. second novel 'swapnadosh-the night fail' is as ebook. third 'Amarbel' as ebook. 'Pavitra Veshya'.Fourth 'Pavitra Veshya'. Fifth is 'Pathwari'. Sixth is Poetry Collection 'Dil Dariya' .
contact me-authordharmendrakumar@gmail.com

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Mid Day Soul

“Mid Day Soul” a poetry collection. This is my first English poetry collection , After 17 hindi books. So please Don’t take seriously. You can say this is a effort to work with English language. I always wanted to write something for English readers. So this is for you. Thank you.