John Paul Catton

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Moonlight, Murder & Machinery

A Gothic Steampunk Romance to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"!
In a bizarre alternative Regency England, a baffling series of crimes leads Royal investigators, Byron, Shelley and Keats to the beautiful and headstrong Mary Godwin. Mary is plagued with prophetic nightmares about a scientist intent on creating life from the bodies of the dead. Shelley finds himself emotionally entangled with Mary as the investigation deepens, but this only draws them deeper into peril ...
"The book's use of language and its manner really anchors you in the past and there is a treasure hunt of literary and classic horror references buried throughout the text."
- John Picha, 5-star Amazon review


Voice of the Sword (Sword Mirror Jewel - Book 1)

17-year-old Reiko Bergman is finding life tough enough already, being a half-Japanese half-American teenager in the pressure-cooker world of a central Tokyo high school. Then she notices strange things happening around her … creatures from legends and folklore glimpsed on the city streets … living shadows gathering in the corridors of her own school. Soon Reiko and her friends learn the shocking truth; the gods and demons of Japanese mythology have declared war on each other … and modern Tokyo will be their battleground.