Dan Nimak


Hello! No formal biography in the third-person here. It’s just me, Dan, lover of books, science fiction, peanut butter, and animals – especially dogs. Moose, the cute one in the picture, prefers to take the easy way out when it comes to hiking. He’s just one of the many pets we have. Seriously, you name it, and we’ve probably got it – or at least had it at one time or another. Except snakes, which totally freak me out. Show me a snake; I run. End of story. Thanks for stopping by. If you enjoy one of my books, please feel free to share! You can visit my web page at: http://dannimak.com - and my Amazon Author page is: https://www.amazon.com/author/dannimak


Carmen Peone
What a wonderful selection of books! Dan Nimak, your title and book cover are fabulous!

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The Move

What if?

A small tribute to a legendary heroine.


Above the Rain

A story of friendship, of hope, of seeking a better place.


Zach is dreaming when he meets Lourdes, but she isn’t. The first visit to this special place for twelve-year-olds is always through a dream. Return visits are real, but so are the tests and challenges from a world that can read minds. As Zach desperately tries to find his way back, Lourdes’ frightening secret may cause him to lose the only friend he’s ever had. And the magical world they both love may be lost forever.


Has Anyone Seen My Brain?

Invisibly traveling through time, a trio of twelve-year-olds and a dog named Blue enjoy the best summer ever – until the trip in which one of the friends truly disappears. A fourteen-year-old girl from the Salem witch trials helps with the search, and they soon discover that finding their lost friend will lead to a life-or-death decision.



A short story about a short life and the special moments that make any life worth living.

~ ~ ~

Kaili thought her death would lead her straight to heaven, but she finds herself instead on an otherworldly path that delivers her to her past. Immersed in scenes from fourteen years of life, a special knock could be a chance at making one final memory.