Chelsea Moye

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Murphy's Law of Action

At the tender age of 16, Lexie Murphy learns the hard way that it sucks life doesn't come with trigger warnings. The mystery-addicted insomniac is an unapologetic snoop. She's always eavesdropping and spying on neighbors while she aspires to a life somewhere between two of her literary idols: Nancy Drew and Stephanie Plum. Her amateur sleuthing takes a dark turn over Fourth of July weekend when she witnesses a gruesome act being committed in the neighbor's recently vacated house. She alerts the local police department, expecting appreciation for her investigative initiative. Instead, the local police make their disapproval very clear by scolding her and shutting her out of the investigation. Apparently, the real world is no place for amateur sleuths.



Lauren Frost’s best friend has been missing for eleven years, and she’ll give anything to find him. She should be careful what she wishes for, though. When she’s hit by a car and mortally wounded, divine intervention catapults her into Daraglathia, a world on the brink of civil war between elves and humans. Daraglathia wants Lauren to risk her life to save their world, and stepping up to accept the challenge is her only hope of earning her life back. But while surviving means find Noah…failing means losing her life. Daraglathia’s fate hangs in the balance. Lives are on the line. Families stand to be changed forever. Forced to choose between self-preservation and healing Noah’s broken family, she’ll need to decide whose life she values more: her best friend’s…or her own.