Olivia Russi

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Daddy's Cabin

Marissa Stanley is tired of her life. A dead-end job, a cheating ex, and a tedious life filled with boredom. When she books herself a desolate cabin in the mountains, her only goal is to try and find some direction for her life. Carson Christensen is a man haunted by his past. Plagued by the memories of his dead men, he looks for escape in the mountains, the only place where he can truly find some peace. But when Carson finds an injured young woman on the mountainside, in the middle of a raging storm, he must put his past aside to try and save her life. Passion blooms in the middle of the storm as they both try to escape their past and find peace in one another’s arms. Will two broken lovers find comfort in the presence of one another, or will the pain of their past keep them apart?