Justine Amor

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Flying Through Time

Margaret Harrison-Hughes gets a surprise when she's about to deliver an ATA biplane in 1942 WWII England and lands on Leighton Edward's ranch in Texas, 2017. Things become a series of funny “lost in translation” moments. Tall, dark, and handsome Leighton wonders if Margaret—lovely as she is and boy howdy, that accent—has escaped from a local lock down facility. The whole WWII enactment thing is great but someone's bound to be looking for her and the plane. And the dark-haired aviatrix thinks he's rather dashing but he must have suffered a head injury in battle. He thinks his plane is a '44, and the war is over! Poor man. Together, they discover that love from one lifetime was never forgotten. Now they’re in another lifetime, can they rekindle a lost love by flying through time?