Kelvin Douglas

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Conquerors Of Nimeya

In this genre blending epic, science fiction coincides with vivid storytelling of high-fantasy, detailing a remarkable narrative of a world at the brink of war. He and his crewmates were betrayed and left for dead. Now they go after those responsible, amiss the inception of a world at war. Humans destroyed her home. She ran for her life, never looking back. She is the member of an ostracized race, living in a country that mocks her peoples' ways. But when the Kurrith Empire enters a world war, it becomes a means of escape. She is a princess of the Empire. As a new century dawns, she is optimistic for the future and for the future of her country. But when the dark clouds of war blacken the horizon, the princess' confidence wanes. And now she must devote herself to a country in wa