Jaylen Florian

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Rugby Captain's Shower

Donovan, the confident and handsome captain of the college rugby team, solves two amusing mysteries in this erotic and humorous short story. His jockstrap mysteriously vanishes after he competes in a match of doubles tennis with the rugby team’s new recruits, just before an unexpected and provocative encounter during his shower near his teammates. Loyally committed to defending his team’s rugby championship, Donovan has assembled the three new recruits to work on their footwork, lunging speed, and teamwork coordination. Cute and dimpled Aidan is a recruited track star, brawny Carmelo is a recruit from the football team, and rugged Brutus from Argentina has superstar potential. “Rugby Captain’s Shower” playfully develops four primary characters showcased throughout Jaylen Florian’s “Arou


Baseball Star's Gift: Intimate Awakening

Darius, an Italian-American gay actor with smoldering good looks, studies Brett, the down-to-earth and straightforward captain of the collegiate baseball team, to help him perfect his upcoming role as a sports star. Both of these ambitious young men are at a crossroads and may have invaluable life lessons to share, while their complicated friendship and affectionate relationship begins to flourish. They are real men with authentic challenges. They may be unprepared for the cooperation, guidance, devotion, and intimacy the other has to offer. “Baseball Star’s Gift: Intimate Awakening” is a second edition, MM novelette (8,000 words), the first story in Jaylen Florian’s new “Uplifting Sports Romance” series. It contains mature romantic themes and it is intended for mature audiences.